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The students at St. Peter Claver Catholic School are offered a challenging curriculum with a focus on the following subjects: Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, and grammar), Mathematics, Science (through a fully equipped science lab & MOSI Partnership), Social Studies, Religion, Physical Education, Technology (including iPads & Computers), Library Skills, Peforming and Fine Arts. In addition. SPC partners with Patel. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 have general music classes and Intermediate Grade students take beginning violin.

The curriculum is designed to vigorously meet and exceed the Florida Common Core Standards. All teachers are trained to plan units of study based on the Understanding by Design book written by by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. The purpose of unit planning is to help students understand how the day-to-day lessons and assignment fit into the big picture of what they're learning.

Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies make use of the most up-to-date curriculum from Pearson. The curriculum includes both physical textbooks and online access for ease of use at home. Religion makes use of Sadlier's We Believe Series.

Standards Based Grading

  • St. Peter Claver Catholic School uses the following grading policy to determine feedback on student progress in all our courses including specials (Fine/Performing Arts, & Physical Education).

  • Standards Based Grading Parent Introduction Video from the Office of Catholic Schools and Centers for the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

  • Additional information on Standards Based Grading from the Office of Catholic Schools and Centers for the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

1:1 iPad Initiative

We begin this school year with great excitement as St. Peter Claver Catholic School begins phase two of the 1:1 iPad program. During phase one of the iPad roll out, all teachers were issued an iPad as well as all Middle School students. Phase two of the roll out will give all students in grades K - 8 an iPad. The iPads will have pre-loaded Pearson textbooks for students use as well as numerous educational apps. This one-to-one program will be implimented with the help of Immaculata La Salle High School in Miami, FL.

In the classroom, the footprint of technology learning is also emerging with the use of SmartBoards. This new technology allows the students to be more involved in learning solutions, interacting with both the teacher and the class by touching the white board where the application is displayed. For example, a teacher can ask a student to make selections of alternative solutions to some question(s) by touching the displayed image. Even when the student selection is not correct, the system is forgiving and when the correct selection is made the system celebrates with appropriate sound effects. Teachers are stepping up to this new challenge, to master this new tool and through their digitally empowered competency accelerate the learning experiences of their students.  

The school is connected to the Internet with very high speed access through Bright House. Students can utilize various applications as small groups to test their competency on various topics of knowledge in subject chapters. These sessions can monitor their progress individually and offer more difficult questions to challenge them to reach higher levels of competency. Ultimately the school will have student and parental access available to ensure complete transparency on student grade progress towards their overall learning experience at St. Peter Claver Catholic School.

The goal of the school is to equip each student with the competency needed to fully leverage technology in high school, college, their career and for their life. It will also help them to keep in touch with each other as they move on to real life opportunities to match their future goals in life. However, St. Peter Claver Catholic School will ensure that the students will still be able to figure out solutions to life’s challenges on their own, using IT as a tool on their way.

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