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Under the guidance of School Psychologist, Eileen Lyons, Ph.D, SPC began a school wide positive behavior system in 2014. That program, called PAWS, defines the school wide expectations for students. The acronym PAWS was adopted because the school mascot is a lion. PAWS stands for Prepared to Learn, Accepts Responsibility, Worships God, and Shows Respect. All students are taught the expected school behaviors at the start of each semester. The student support team helps teachers and students understand and reinforce the expectaions and understand the consequences if that behavior is not followed. 

This school year, St. Peter Claver began a more concentrated focus on Literacy Skills. All classes incorporate literacy into the curriculum. Diagnostic evaluation using i-Ready allows differentiation to support specific student needs. Those students needing additional support work with Reading Coach, Jennifer Smiley, and/or Volunteer Reading Coach, Christine Cotter, Ph.D. The reading coaches also work with classroom teachers and Volunteer Librarian, Pat Mixon, to help teachers and students select just right books. 

School Social Worker, Maria Boggs, LCSW, works with parents and students to find support services to help families in need of additional help. She also facillitates outside resources for presentation to students and/or parents to enhance social and emotional well-being.

Through the support of Junior League, students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 and their siblings are invited to attend Literacy Nights which engage both students and parents in lessons to improve literacy skills. A generous donor provides SPC with the services of USF Tutor-a-Bull. This program allows USF education majors to assist with small groups of students in the classrooms.

Current SPC students who are experiencing classroom difficulties may undergo psychological testing under the guidance of our school psychologist. Based on the outcome, a specific support plan will be written. Students who are transferring into St. Peter Claver Catholic School with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from a public school or a support plan from another private school may be accepted on a probationary basis. It is the responsibility of SPC to assess whether it can provide the most appropriate environment for the child. Eligible students may take advantage of Title 1 reading and math tutorials utilizing Hillsborough County provided CCC program. In addition, eligible SPC students will receive speech and language services provided through Hillsborough County Schools. Student-Support Services (SSS) is provided for children in need of short term assistance. St. Peter Claver Catholic School does not have the facilities or faculty to accommodate all diverse needs of students with special needs, particularly students identified with an intellectual disability.