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2018-2019 Costs

Early Childhood 3
child must be 3 years of age by September 1, 2018
Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 3 PM
$225 Registration
Please call the school (813-224-0865) for additional tuition information.
Early Childhood 4/VPK
child must be 4 years of age by September 1, 2018
VPK pays for schooling Monday through Thursday, 8 AM until Noon
children must be registered Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 3 PM
for an additional tuition cost
$225 Registration
Please call the school (813-224-0865) for additional tuition information.
Kindergarten through Grade 8
kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1, 2018
Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 3 PM
$225 Registration
$7200 tuition
$175 tech fee
$20 school required headphones
(headphones required for all new students and returning students who need a new set)
Graduation Fees
Grade 8-$100
all families are responsible for the non-refundable registration fee and headphones (if needed)
non-refundable enrollment fee of $50/child required at time of enrollment (will be applied to registration fee)
all non-refundable registration fees are due by July 2, 2018
there is a multi-child discount-only applied to the registration fee for families
with two or more children attending the school
most students in K-8 will apply for and receive either a Step-Up or AAA scholarship; those students in K-8 without a Step-Up or AAA scholarship are responsibile for the cost of tuition
SPC runs an after school program
contact the school for further information (813-224-0865)
    • School Readiness Program

      The due date may change. Please visit the scholarship website for the most updated information.

      Families with low incomes in Florida who are trying to work or get training to work may be eligible for school readiness help.The School Readiness Program offers financial assistance to low-income families for early child education and care so families can become financially self-sufficient and their young children can be successful in school in the future. 

      Services vary based on individual need and range from extended day to extended year and school age care in some instances.

      The program takes into account a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development; involves parents as their child's first teacher; prepares children to be ready for school; and gives parents information about child development and other topics of interest. 

      School readiness programs provide developmental screenings for children and referrals to health and educational specialists, and work in cooperation with other programs for young children such as Head Start, Early Head Start and the VPK program. 

    • Benefits
      •  Prepares young children to start kindergarten ready to learn.
      •  Helps working families afford quality early learning services.
      •  Keeps parents in the workforce and/or participating in educational activities.
      •  Helps families become financially independent.
      •  Recognizes parents as their child's first teacher.
      •  Provides parents information about child development and family well‐being.


      A family with two young children earning $19,891 a year will spend about 50 percent of their income on child care without school readiness help. With help,
      the family would only spend about seven percent on child care. School
      readiness funds are intended to help income‐eligible families with children at risk of future school failure and may include

      • Recipients of temporary cash assistance who meet federal work requirements.
      • Families with children at risk of abuse, neglect or abandonment.
      • Parents who are verified to be homeless.
      • Parents who are victims of domestic violence.
      • Working families with low incomes.
      • Teenage parents.
      • Low‐income migrant families and farm workers.
      • Families of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs.


      The School Readiness Program has three primary eligibility requirements:

      • Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be working or participating in an educational activity such as attending college or trade school at least 20 hours per week.
      • Gross income must be at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level for family size.
      • Families must pay a copayment for child care based on income and family size.


    • St. Peter Claver Catholic School is licensed for School Readiness for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

      To apply for School Readiness, click on the link below

  • Category: Florida Office of Early Learning
  • Due Date: 6/1/2018
  • Amount: income based
    • The due date may change. Please visit the scholarship website for the most updated information.

      Please note: Applications are processed in the order they are received, including all supporting documentation. Scholarships are awarded with a priority given to renewal families followed by new families with the greatest financial need.

      Students who qualify will receive financial assistance toward either private school tuition and fees or transportation to a public school in another county/district.

      Eligibility/Priority Criteria:

      • Age Eligibility:
        • Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 on or before Sept. 1.
        • Students entering first grade must be 6 on or before Sept.1.
      • Income Eligibility:
        • If a member of the household receives SNAP (food stamps), TANF, or FDPIR, the student may qualify.
        • If the household income qualifies for free or reduce-priced lunch, the student may qualify.
        • If the household income is at/or below the income criteria found in the chart below titled “Eligibility Chart”, the student may qualify.

      Scholarships are awarded with priority given to renewal families followed by new families with the greatest financial need. If the household income is more than the income criteria on the chart below titled ‘Priority’, the student, while eligible, will be placed on a waiting list until all renewal families and new families whose income is below the amounts on the ‘Priority’ chart have received funding. If, at that time, funds are still available, students on the waiting list will be awarded in the order their applications were received, including all supporting documentation.

    • Step Up for Students is Florida's tuition assistance program for eligible below income families. A student is eligible for a scholarship under this program if the student qualifies for a free or reduced-price lunch under the National School Lunch Act and meets certain other State of Florida requirements.

    • Families who currently receive a Step Up for Children Scholarship can be begin the renewal process now. Additional family members, including students in VPK, can be added if a family member already receives the scholarship. To apply for a renewal application go to the site below.

      If no member of your family currently has a Step Up Scholarship, you can indicate interest by going to the site below. You will receive notification at the email address you provide when the application period for new students begins.

  • Category: Florida Tax Credit Scholarship
  • Due Date: 6/1/2018
  • Amount: Up to $6343, K-5; $6631 6-8, (2017-2018)
    • You may apply at any time.

      Florida was one of the first states in the country to offer free prekindergarten for all 4-year-olds regardless of family income. The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program -- or VPK -- prepares early learners for success in kindergarten and beyond. VPK helps build a strong foundation for school using educational material corresponding to various stages in a child's development.

      To be eligible, children must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year. Effective July 1, 2016, a new law lets parents whose children are born between Feb. 2 and Sept. 1 of the calendar year postpone enrolling their 4-year-old until the following year when their child is 5. Parents can choose from different educational settings and various program options. Private child care centers, public schools and specialized instructional services providers offer VPK.

      Children who attend high-quality preschool do better when they enter kindergarten, which can make a make a big difference later. An affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported in 2010 that "for every dollar invested today, savings range from $2.50 to as much as $17 in the years ahead." Research from Nobel laureate and economist James J. Heckman, of the University of Chicago, points to a seven- to ten-percent annual return on investment in high-quality preschool.  

      Interesting Facts                                                                                                                                                          
      • Nearly 80 percent of Florida's 4-year-olds attend VPK.                                                                                                                                                                                 
      • Florida is national leader in prekindergarten access.
      • In 2013, 82 percent of children who finished VPK were ready for kindergarten. Only 53 percent of children who didn't attend VPK were kindergarten ready. 
    • St. Peter Claver School students enrolled in the VPK program must also be enrolled in the SPC EC 4 after VPK program. There is an additional fee for this. Children will attend classes for a full day, with additional educational experiences that will prepare your child for kindergarten.


      You will find information here about Florida’s early learning programs. You can apply for Voluntary Prekindergarten Education services online by going to the link below.

  • Category: Florida Office of Early Learning
  • Due Date: 6/1/2018
  • Amount: varies based on attendance